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Wet Mill Machine

Raw materials:
rock ore
1-15 TPH
Max feeding size:
Rock gold concentration, and other small scare rock ore grinding.
Shipping ports:
30 days
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The wet mill machine is used for traditional rock gold concentration, by adding mercury and rock gold ore into the machine. When the machine runs, the big stone round roller will grinding the rock and at the same time mix the mercury with the gold inside the ore.

Now, this machine is also used in the small scare rock ore concentrating plant.


Model Dimension Feeding size Frequency Capacity Output Weight
1600A 1600×400/2100×500*180±20mm 30mm  18-20 5-6T/H  37KW 16.3T
1500 A 1500×400/2100×500*180±20mm 30mm  18-22 4-5T/H  30KW 13.5T
1500 B 1500×350/2050×450*150±20mm 30mm  18-22 4-5T/H  22KW 12.3T
1500 C 1500×300/2050×400*150±20mm 30mm  18-22 4-4.5T/H  22KW 11.3T
1400 B 1400×250/2050×350*150±20mm 30mm  18-22 3-4T/H  15kw 8.5T
1400 A 1400×300/2050×400×150±20mm 30mm  18-21 3-4T/H  18.5kw 9.6T
1300 B 1300×250/2000×350×150±20mm 30mm  18-22 2.5-3.5T/H  11kw 7.5T
900A 900×170/1700×220×45±10mm 30mm  11--13 0.1-0.5T/H  3kw 2.9T
900B 900×140/1700×170×45±10mm <20mm 11--13 0.1-0.5T/H  3kw 2.6T
1200 A 1200×200/1800×250×100±10mm <20mm 11--19 2-3T/H  7.5kw 5.5T
1200 B 1200×180/1800×250×100±10mm <20mm 11--19 2-3T/H  5.5kw 5.5T
1100 A 1100×200/1800×250×100±10mm <20mm 11--19 1-2T/H  7.5kw 5T
1100 B 1100×180/1800×250×80±10mm <20mm 11--19 1-2T/H  5.5kw 5T
1000 1000×200/1800×250×80±10mm <20mm 11--19 0.5-1T/H  5.5kw 4.5T

Client Site

Small scare gold mining plant in Guangxi, China.



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