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Water Pump

Raw materials:
5-450 m³/h
Max feeding size:
water supply or water recycling system in mining project.
Shipping ports:
20 days
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The IS series water pump is special designed for mining project, which has a high capacity and high lifting capability. Some big capacity water pump get special gear box in order to protect the pump and motor. And also the impeller and the shell been well designed to adapt the mining conditions, such as highly acidic or alkaline condition.

The IS series mining water pump is horizontal centrifugal type pump, which should be installed above the water level, it's different from the sub-merged water pump.


Model  Flow Lift  Impeller Power
IS50 5-11m³/h 5-50M 2" 1.5-11KW
IS65 10-25m³/h 7-60M 2.5" 1.5-11KW
IS80 23-60m³/h 4-60M 3" 1.5-22KW
IS100 50-100m³/h 5-60M 4" 1.5-22KW
IS125 80-160m³/h 10-100M 5" 4-90KW
IS150 90-220m³/h 15-50M 6" 11-30KW
IS200 240-460m³/h 15-50M 8" 22-90KW

Client Site

Water pump for river gold washing plant

this water pump been intalled on two iron tank, which will flotaing in the river.



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