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Mixing Tank

Raw materials:
ore with agent, or slurry with fine particles material
Max feeding size:
mixing material with water or other agent.
Shipping ports:
20 days
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The mixing tank is used for mix the target material with the agent or water for next step processing, such as mixing the ore with the flotation agent for the concentration process, or mix the fine ore with water for sand pump pumping.

The feeding density normally should be under 30%, and the particle size should be under 1mm to protect the impeller. And the mixing tank could be customized manufactured, the diameter bellow just for reference. 


Model Tank diametre Tank hight Tank volume Impeller size Impeller speed Power(KW) Demention(L*H) Weight
1000 1000mm 1000mm 0.58m³ 240mm 530 1.5 1300*1665 685
1500 1500mm 1500mm 2.2m³ 400mm 320 3 1690*2386 861
2000 2000mm 2000mm 5.6m³ 550mm 230 4 2381*3046 1240
2500 2500mm 2500mm 11.2m³ 625mm 230 7.5 2881*3546 3462
3000 3000mm 3000mm 19.1m³ 700mm 210 22 3266*4325 4296


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Mixing tank in florite flotation plant



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