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Heavy real earth been found in Peninsular Malaysia
2014/12/11 14:27:06

Academy of Sciences Malaysiadeclared that they found no radioactive rare earth minerals after preliminary geological exploration in multiple states in Peninsular Malaysia. The heavy rare earths grade is high in this ionic rare earth mine, no radiation hazard, easy for mining, with a very high economic value. This mine gets strong competitiveness in international markets.


The Chairman of Academy said the rare earth minerals found in Peninsular Malaysia when there’s tin mining is taken down. The US Geological Survey (USGS) has also predicted the amount of rare earth minerals were 3-4.3 million tons in 2013. If this news confirmed, Malaysia will not be repeated the history of exporting the majority rear earths as tin, and they will used in the production of hybrid cars, smart phones and other high-tech products such as led solar panels to promote the country's economy.


Academy of Sciences said that the Malaysian Government will allocate 10 million ringgit for the exploration of rare earth mine in Perak. And also grant 30 million ringgit for the other states of the exploration work to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Malaysia after the completion of exploration.